Gargantuan Storm !

     LAGUNA, NM - My husband and I had plans to go to Santa Fe for the holiday. We were really looking forward to the getaway and enjoying the beautiful City Different under a dusting of snow.
Things changed when our nephew called from Albuquerque to tell us a gargantuan storm was headed our way.
     Sadly, but wisely, we altered our plans in favor of a time when travel would be safer. We waited for the snow to begin, but it was only a drizzle, and didn't seem to be impacting our daily lives. I was beginning to regret canceling our fun weekend.
     Today I woke up to the backyard in the photo. The news reports say that Interstate 40 is closed going east from Toh'ajilee. We are west of there, so the highway is open going toward Gallup and Arizona, but travelers trying to go east are scrambling for the few remaining motel rooms in Albuquerque because the highway is shut down heading eastward.
     The inconvenience is mostly for those trying to return home after spending the holiday with their relatives, and also for truck drivers who are losing money because they can't deliver their cargo on schedule.
     My cellphone shots, taken from our back door, show the scene, but you can't tell in the top photo, above our neighbor's trailer, that Interstate 40 has westbound traffic, and in the bottom photo, through the trees, local business is as usual, just a little slower.
     Hopefully, by taking precautions and using common sense, the reports of fun and not of catastrophes will be the story of the Gargantuan.