A Cultural Treasure Reopens    

March 27, 2016 

ACOMA, NM - The Cultural Center below Acoma Pueblo's Sky City has reopened. The cultural center with a museum, gift shop, cafe', and tours to the top of its ancient mesa is only open on weekends during the winter. It has resumed normal operating hours - 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., seven days a week as of March 24.

     Current exhibits in the Haaku Museum are, To Feel the Earth, Moccasins in the Southwest, through September 4, 2016, with a display of moccasin styles and a presentation showing how the  moccasins are made, and Growing Up Pueblo, Past, Present, and Future of the Acoma People" through June 4, 2017 showing the differences in particular aspects of the generations. Included are interactive stations for visitors to join the discussion.

     Guided tours to the mesa's top are available by signing in at the front desk. More information, such as scheduling, pricing, and etiquette, can be found at the center's website http://www.acomaskycity.org/main.html?pgid=29.

     Don't miss out on the creative variations by Chef Jay, of traditional pueblo cuisine served at the Yaaka Cafe'. The cafe' and patio set at the edge of the center where visitors can enjoy a view of the mesa above. If you are fortunate to visit on a gentle rain day, the patio is the place to be.

     Visitors to the pueblo's ancient site are happy to be included on days of special tribal events. Events that are still ahead for public access are:

May - First Sunday in May – Santa Maria Feast in McCarty
August 10 - San Lorenzo Feast in Acomita
September 2 – San Esteban Feast -Harvest Dance
September 20 - Annual Tour de Acoma Bike Race
December 24 - Luminarias - Approximately 2,000 luminarias line the road leading to Acoma Pueblo.
December 25 - 28  - Traditional dances inside San Esteban Del Rey Mission atop the mesa.


June 24
June 29
July 9–14

July 25
October: 2nd weekend
December: 1st Saturday

Have a wonderful Southwestern summer.
March 27, 2016